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Luxlotusliner GmbH won the pitch for the design of “zdf.kultur".
My role was primarily designing and producing the background graphics, particularly the loops for the promotion package. From the start, one of the most important objectives for the new “zdf.kultur” channel was to create a strong connection between the World Wide Web and Television. The look of the promotion design is inspired by Flash-websites that make use of looped images. The promotion package is like a toolkit with a random generator. The team at “zdf.kultur” were given the opportunity of creating promotional designs that constantly change, at the click of a mouse button. I created around 40 different backgrounds and loop windows that can be continuously chosen at random.

Client: ZDF / ZDF Kultur, Christian Kohl, Andreas Reinberger, Irena Pavor
Creative Agency: Luxlotusliner GmbH
Creative Director: Gabi Madračević
Creative Management: Andrea Bednarz
Art Director: Jan Rinkens, Stefan Sperner
Design / Animation: Jan Rinkens, Stefan Sperner, Iris Pfennig, Nadja Doth, Iris Rinkens
Music On Air: ZDF / Guido Jobelius
Art Director: Jan Rinkens, Stefan Sperner
Awards (for whole zdf kultur package): 
German Design Award 2013 (Gold - Category: Communication Tools), 
Red Dot Design Award 2011 (winner 2011 - communication design - tv & cinema), Red Dot Design Award 2011 (best of the best 2011 - communication design - tv & cinema), Red Dot Design Award 2011 (grand prix 2011 - communication design - tv & cinema), PROMAXBDA Global Excellence Design Awards 2012 (Gold - Category: Total Package Design: Network/Channel - Image On-Air-Only), EBUconnect Awards 2012 (Gold - Best Channel Branding), ADC Art Directors Club 2012 (Bronze Nail - Film - Bewegtbild-Design Packages für Sender, Programme und Filme), D&AD Awards 2012 (In Book Award - TV & Cinema Communications - Channel Branding & Identity), D&AD Awards 2012 (Yellow Pencil Nomination - TV & Cinema Communications - TV Promotions & Programme Junctions), Eyes & Ears of Europe Awards 2011 (Special Price CREATION 2011 - Best creative project of the year in broadcast design), Eyes & Ears of Europe Awards 2011 (Award Winner - TV/FILM/Media-Design - Best new on-air corporate design package), Eyes & Ears of Europe Awards 2011 (Distinction - TV/FILM/Media-Design - Best bumper or station-ID package)

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