Ostern im Ersten

On Air / Campaign
Germany’s first public TV-channel "Das Erste”, commissioned Luxlotusliner GmbH to create their 2016 Easter campaign.
            Our concept was to decorate large Easter eggs that would feature in the center of the TV screen. They were combined with scenes from several of the channel’s programs. For example Tatort (a crime series), family entertainment, sport and a Sherlock special. I created the layouts for two of the idents (“family” and Tatort), as well as the trailer packages, social media integration and the press kit. Together with my colleagues, I was responsible for animating the “family” ident and the “family” and Tatort trailer packages.

Client: ARD Design, Henriette von Hoessle
Creative Agency: Luxlotusliner GmbH
Creative Director: Gabi Madračević
Project Management: Nadja Doth, Tatjana Živanović-Wegele
Art Director: Iris Pfennig, Iris Rinkens
Animation: Jan Rinkens, Iris Pfennig, Katharina Blenk, Udo Hudelmaier, Juan Garcia Segura, Dorit Lang 
Sound Design: EXIT-Studios GmbH
Award: Eyes and Ears 2016, Silber (Best saisonal On-Air Designpackage)

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