Das Erste - Idents 2018/19
On Air / Campaign
Luxlotusliner GmbH commissioned me to develop an on-air campaign for Das Erste. The concept was to put the spotlight on the logo and to put it into scenes, which matched the different seasons/holidays.
Around the logo we created worlds in different looks/styles. We developed a total of 10 individual movies a mix of 3D, 2D, stop frame or illustration.
For the idents for winter, spring, summer, autumn and Easter, I designed a variety of scenes and took part in the art direction of the final idents.
The animation always starts from a clean background and both the logo and the scene gradually builds to a natural conclusion.

All Idents - Compilation on Vimeo (by Luxlotusliner GmbH):
Client: ARD Design, Henriette von Hoessle
Creative Agency: Luxlotusliner GmbH
Creative Director: Gabi Madračević
Design / Layout : Iris Pfennig (Ident Winter Paperworld, Ident Winter Illustration, Ident Ostern Gras, Ident Paperlines - Composition of the Strokes, Ident Water), Juan Garcia Segura (Ident Winter Paperworld - Look/Style Paper), Axel Flachenecker (Ident Paperlines - Look)
3D: Juan Garcia Segura (Ident Winter Paperworld), Axel Flachenecker (Ident Paperlines, Ident Water)
Animation: Juan Garcia Segura (Ident Winter Paperworld), Fatma Kapakos (Ident Winter Illustration), Axel Flachenecker (Ident Ostern Gras, Ident Paperlines, Ident Water)
Project Management: Tatjana Živanović-Wegele, Nadja Doth
Audio: Hans Wiedemann, Ulrich Rassy (BR SG Sounddesign)

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