On Air / Redesign
Polish media group "TVN" commisioned Luxlotusliner GmbH to completely redesign their channel "TVN 7". The creative concept combines reality with fiction. It works with key visuals that represent, in a classic sense, different genres. Real objects uncouple themselves from normality and the pale, everyday world. They become the catalyst for a momentary flash of an appropriate emotion. A surprising burst of graphic fireworks. I was involved in the conception, worked on the layouts for the idents and bumpers, and produced one ident (Entertainment) as well as the corresponding bumpers.
As well as that, I worked on a range of diverse corporate guidelines and the development of different grids and promotional elements within the final promotion package.
Client: tvn (Poland)
Creative Agency: Luxlotusliner GmbH
Creative Director: Gabi Madračević, Jan Rinkens
Design/Animation: Jan Rinkens, Cay Fiehn, Iris Pfennig

Marketing / Design Team tvn7: Jopekm Malgorzata, Piotr Rucki, Waldemar Ostrowski, Robert Przyszlak, Przemyslaw Kilichowski
Dop: Alex Lawrence Nabi
Director: Gabi Madračević, Jan Rinkens, Cay Fiehn, Iris Pfennig
Compositing / Color Correction: Sylvi Roessler, Manuel Voss
Sfx: Jan Singh
Producer: Tatjana Zivanovic-Wegele
Music: Novaspot Paris (Catherine Lagarde, Ben Kaniewski, Louise Alenius)
Creative Managemen: Gabi Madračević, Andrea Bednarz

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