Young Lions
On Air / Label Package
The German “Sixx” channel is showing three German movies with the label "Young Lions 7.1". These movies were made by young German filmmakers in collaboration with the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, allowing them the opportunity to show their creativity to a wider audience.
            Luxlotusliner GmbH was commissioned to create the logo as well as the opener for the label. I created the logo, concept and look of “Young Lions 7.1” and animated the opener. The logo is reminiscent of a lion, making its mark on the logo with its claws. The idea for the opener was to illustrate cinematic elements using graphics. Spotlights, shutter dissolves, filmstrips, etc. together with characters of te alphabet, creating the title: “Young Lions”. Transitions are made using the claws of the lion to tear apart the composition.

Client: sixx, ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, Creative Solutions
Creative Agency: Luxlotusliner GmbH
Art Director: Iris Pfennig
Project Manager: Andrea Bednarz, Jasna
Concept + Design + Animation: Iris Pfennig

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