Weihnachten kommt sicher
On Air / Campaign
Germany’s first public TV-channel "Das Erste" commissioned Luxlotusliner GmbH to create their 2015 Christmas campaign which was to be based on the tagline; “Christmas comes for sure”. The basis of the concept are festive, animated postcards, showing different font styles and charming, playful illustrations. They refer back to the channel’s programming for; “Silent Night, a quarter past eight”, and the new Tatort.
            The design and animation concepts are based on fine illustrations and diverse typography. The overall design is closely based on the corporate on air design of “Das Erste”, with various shades of blue to match the magical mood of Christmas. I designed the campaign’s look and feel, worked on the layout for three different idents and the social media integration (Facebook, website backgrounds, Twitter). I also designed the digital postcards and an Advent calendar that appeared on the “Das Erste” website. As well as that, I animated another ident and the corresponding commercial bumpers.

Art Direction of the whole Christmas 2015 Package for the TV Channel "Das Erste"
Ident "Tatort": Layout
Ident "Wallander": Layout
Ident "Freddy": Layout and Animation
Bumper "Freddy": Layout and Animation
Digital Christmas Cards for mailings for the Website of "Das Erste"
Christmas Calendar for the Website of "Das Erste"
Full project compilation (by Luxlotusliner GmbH)
Client: ARD Design, Henriette von Hoessle
Creative Agency: Luxlotusliner GmbH
Creative Director: Gabi Madračević
Producer: Tatjana Živanović-Wegele
Art Director: Iris Pfennig
Art Director Off-Air: Vera Warter
Graphic Design & Illustration: Katharina Blenk
Animation: Daniel Stacherdinger, Fatma Kapakos, Udo Hudelmaier, Iris Pfennig, Katharina Blenk, Dorit Lang
Text: Christine Brüning
Music/Sound Design: Nova Spot Paris

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