gut geschätzt gewinnt
On Air / Format Package / Branding / Logo Design
"Gut geschätzt gewinnt" is a TV format broadcast by ZDF which will air each week on Sunday afternoons. In the game show three teams with two teammates battle each other and try to guess the value of various antiques. My task for Alpenblick GmbH, was to create the logo and format design, and animate the graphic elements. The color turquoise in its diamond shape and in combination with the golden details helps build an antique style, whilst at the same time giving the show a modern look and feel. The use of photographic footage of antiques within different elements represents the content of the TV format. The overall range of color in the graphic elements, as well as in the opener, has a bright and friendly appearance, which represents the lighter mood of the Sunday afternoon broadcast time.

Client: ZDF, Christian Kohl, Irena Pavor
Creative Agency: Alpenblick GmbH
Creative Director: Holger Geisler, Jana Geisler
Project Management: Holger Geisler, Stephanie Tietz, Isabell Musiol
Art Director (Elements): Iris Pfennig
Animation + Design Opener: Jonas Rauber, Marc Fischer, Marcel März, Martha Rumszauer 
Animation Elements: Iris Pfennig 
Sound Design: Guido Jobelius (ZDF)

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