BR Gesundheitstag​​​​​ 
On Air / Label Package / Branding / Logo
In November 2017 the new production BR Gesundheitstag aired for the first time at BR Fernsehen. It's a special broadcast about health topics.
            My job at UnitedSenses was to create a design concept. The entire idea was to allow information to grow. Growing represents getting stronger and combines our human world with the natural world of plants. Straight lines become organic shapes, which represents nature and all living creatures. These organic shapes build different icons to provide easier orientation of the individual topics. The primary logo is a heart, symbolizing health which grows out of the logo. The design has a healthy look provided by the fresh green color.

Logo + Logoloop Styleframes

Opener Styleframes

more about this project at UnitedSenses GmbH.
Client: BR
Creative Agency: UnitedSenses GmbH
Creative Director: Markus Schmidt
Project Management: Monika Kandlbinder
Logo + Concept/Design: Iris Pfennig
Animation + Design: Alexandru Rositoru

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